Bejeweled vs. Candy Crush

bejeweled vs candycrush

Bejeweled and Candy Crush–two of the most addicting games since the advent of personal digital devices. It is with no question however, that Bejeweled was the first to the crown. It started off as a portable game in PCs which because of pressures from the current market trend for going mobile, launched their own apple and android version, which is today known as “Bejeweled Blitz”. Filckshare has identified Bejeweled as the mother of all match 3 games and triggered the rise in casual gaming. For the longest time, the popularity of Bejeweled was unparalleled even with the introduction of similar games. That however, was changed when Candy Crush Saga was released.

Today, Candy Crushed has over taken Bejeweled in terms of returns. Some would even claim Candy Crush being as one of the Top Grossing Mobile Games of all time. But if you’ve played both games, you’d notice great similarities between the gameplay of Candy Crush and Bejeweled, and would probably infer that Candy Crush was patterned after Bejeweled. But taking who went first aside and profits aside, which game would you prefer?

Candy Crush Saga, from its name is nothing short of eye-candy. It has bright colors and music perfectly matched for the theme. Bejeweled on the other hand, shows a more cool and ancient theme. In terms of game play, the two games share traditional goals which require you to reach a certain score. Bejeweled has two modes. “Action” and “Endless”. “Action” Requires the user to get the highest possible score under time pressure, while “Endless” requires the user to prolong his game play and gather much points as he can until combinations run out. Meanwhile, Candy Crush has several levels with unique goals. For some, the unique goal set-up Candy Crush is more addictive because it grants players instant gratification from fulfilling goals. However, others would argue saying Candy Crush is dragging, and you can only win the game from luck.

These two are games definitely competing neck and neck, and the theultimatesmackdown would say this match is close to a draw. We would love to hear from you? Who do you think should win this face-off?


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